SoL Regional Membership

SoL Duna is not a registered community yet. We have a growing Duna Partnership due to several independent, but by now partnering projects that focus on the awakening, reviving and empowering of people and initiatives in the region.

Those in this loose partnership network, who wish to belong to and enjoy the benefits as well as contribute to the Global SoL Association, may well gain their local/regional status by belonging to SoL Hu in 2014 so that we can start building this vision together while already being part of the larger whole. In 2014 Global SoL membership will be dedicated to local, regional or and virtual, thematic fractal communities, thus first you need to belong to a smaller scale unit to be able to belong tothe global scene.
Link for Membership in 2014.

In this Duna Partnership our core focus is on developing and initiating Duna Collegium – a leadership development LLL Institute with regional focus and specificities, while others are more focused on entrepreneurship, Youth Work or other aspects of Social and collective dialogues

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