The Global SoL Network that has been around in a more focused and activeely conscious way since 1998 coordinated and stewarded by Göran Carstedt and SoL stewards from all over the world, from Hungary it was Agota Ruzsa.

Then it was administered by the original Founding SoL community in Boston, which by now transformed itself into one of the global communities, namely SoL North America.
The network is still present, yet in 2010 there arose the need to stabalize a more solid legal structure as well, which after 2 years of careful transformation and with the commitment of 9 original founding organizations, inc. TszF-SoLHungary, SoL Au,SoLFrance,SoLSweden,SoL in Boston, SoL South in India, SoL Finland, SoL Brazil, SoL Spain,etc. formed Global SoL Association of SoL Communities.

The founding Board, which opened up for new members in the past 3 years
Heidi G.Spakes, chairwoman
SoL Hu, (Agota Ruzsa,
SoL Sweden
SoL Au
SoL France
SoL Brazil,
SoL Nl
SoL South

A new Board was elected at the General Assembly in May,2014, in Paris

Hungarian representation:
Emese Moricz, SoL Hu Civil Society, 2014-2015
Gabi Galambvari, 2015-

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