Systems Thinking in Action

Systems thinking is the so called 5th discipline of the business seminal book written by Peter Senge, head of organizational learning center at MIT university, co- founder of Society for Organizational Learning, Global Network since the mid 90.
Sth is one of the foundational science based disciplines which since the early 19th century Hungarian Austrian born scientist Ludwig von Bertalanffy has branched into many diverse disciplines in order to understand and map our world in its complexity.

We focus on two aspects of its development:

  • system thinking in education and training, based on games and simulations
  • systems thinking and systems constellation, B.Hellinger’s work applied in educational and organisational, business settings

    Our yearly learning conferences and monthly learning hubs enhance the capacity of all the participants who take any of the courses.

    International Training
    Business constellation and systems archetypesâ„¢ –
    program developed in partnership with SoL partners, Hungary, Agota E Ruzsa -Boston, Chiara Megighian – Austria, Christoph Mandl. See details here
    Educational Constellation and Systems thinkingâ„¢ – a program developed in partnership with SoL colleagues from Hungary, Agota E Ruzsa – Guus Geisen – Dr Ferenc Kiss . See details here.