Program design

Systemic dialogues for societal transformation

It is a safe place to talk about what you may often not talk about and thus we co-inspire one another and we even generate collaborative ideas to embody.

Our calling question

The calling question we invite you to explore might apply to any wicked situation.

What will it take to work together to serve the unfolding future in whatever place we stand?

  • What will it take to work together? About my personal values, my consciousness and engagement, about collaborating together.
  • To serve the unfolding future? What is unfolding? About the future of the large system (business, education, social)
  • In whatever place we stand? About system interconnectedness.

Our purpose

  • To facilitate inclusion through generative dialogue.
  • To run a collaborative process aiming to learn how to transform wicked or complex situations requiring multi-stakeholder contribution.
  • To allow participants to test this learning experience to work with wicked or complex situations (education, business, environment, democracy, etc.).
  • To enjoy co-creation, meaning that not only individual experience and knowledge are valid, but also the capability to collaborate together for a deeper transformation.
  • To experience processes for deeper learning, where not only current experiences and knowledge are applied
  • Transition from individual meaning to collective meaning-making  applied by selective meaning making back to our places where we stand. 
  • To learn more about how to help systemic change? –
  • To dare to do something together... / story or examples of „daring to do something together”

Elements of SoL framework & guiding principles

  • We are here to experience self organized learning and co-creating.
  • We work on a collective and collaborative learning perspective (no keynote speakers).
  • We care about each other as we would like everyone to feel safe.
  • We respect and value every contribution.
  • We keep parity in our conversations, each individual and each opinion is valuable.
  • We do listen to be changed.
  • We are not in a problem solving approach but in ‘understanding wicked or complex situation’ approach.
  • We cannot correct a living system, yet able to generate spaces for self-correction and for that we may redesign the learning process.
  • We create conditions for self, team and large system opening up, meaning making and co-creating conditions for learning and transforming.

Our calling question has three segments:

  • What will it take to work together? About my ego, my personal values, my power, my consciousness and engagement, my experience, my assumptions. About other values, power, experience, knowledge, ambitions, etc.
  • To serve the unfolding future? What is unfolding for me? What’s the future I would like to focus on? (business, education, social) What shall I do in the present to contribute to the unfolding future?
  • In whatever place we stand? From where can I contribute to the unfolding future? Do I have the skills and experience to contribute? What specific behaviours connect me to others while on my place? About system interconnectedness.

Collaborative DESIGN for collaborative learning

Time Program
8:30-8:50 Registration-welcome
9:00-9:30 Opening / Welcom
Welcome Culture setting Language for this learning process? Contracting   
9:30-9.45           Sharing elements of SoL framework & guiding principles See framework and elements here above. Learnings: Individual – Group – System Embedded holons and complex networks

Setting working groups   The calling question and the segments  
9:45-11:00 Exploring  1st segment (round 1  in 2 times with group sharing harvest) In whatever place we stand?
11:00-11:15 Break
11:15-12:30   Exploring 2nd segment To serve the unfolding future? (round 2 and rotate)
12.30-13.00 Systemic metalearning Look at the content and also at the process (what are we doing, why are doing and what happened?)
13.00-14:00 Lunch and social discourse
14:00-15:00 Exploring question segments What will it take to work to together? (round 3 and rotate)
15.00-16.00 Systems thinking perspective and learnings How does this (what we talk about in SoL)
resonate in the place where I am?
16.00 Break
16:15-17:00 OST topics prepared Generating themes and OS contributors debriefing.
17:00-18.00 Wrap up and Closing thoughts: Sandor Kürti
Evening program: Walk to the city Danube boat – BKV boat trip – Szeged étterem-Pagony/Fonó- back to Zivatar

Day 2

Time Program
8:30                               Welcome & coffee and music and movement
8:45-9:20 Reflections on day 1 Dreams & thoughts about day 1 conversations.
9:30-9:45 Open Space REVIEW of Topics
9.45 -11:00 9.45. Round I
10.30. Round II
11:15-11:45 Groups exploring the calling question
What themes can I sense emerging from the collective?
11:45-12:30 Large group recap Systems thinking perspective Learnings:systemic-group-individual
12:30-13:00 Wrap up and check out
14.00- Lunch for those wanting to stay together
walk in the city and off to Bölcske at 5 pm.