If you register for all the activities offered, the registration fee in total is: 420 EUR/134.000 Ft
If you wish to participate separately, then you pay the registration for your desired activities. Registration fee includes:
May 28: training (60 EUR /18.000 Ft) – beverages offered, lunch is not included,
May 29-30: meeting, catering (220 EUR/ 70.000 Ft), with 40% concessions for some, yet for them lunch is not included
May 30th-June 1st: meeting, catering (120 EUR/ 38.000 Ft)
June 2nd: day process and beverages (40 EUR/12.000 Ft) – lunch included for all.

There are several concessions available both for members, educators and for regional appropriation (20% off).
The events are supported by SoL Hungary and Global SoL, thus if you need more support and scholarship to be able to participate, please let us know.