SoL in Hungary

When I think of a tree, I do think of its branches and for me SOL has the three core branches that we have been cultivating in the past years.

* Collaboration based on AoH and other large group intervention – co-creative processes,
* Mindful presence
* Systemic Interrelations

Roots and the crown may represent 1st and 3rd, while the long and standing trunk is Mindful presence.
Thus all SoL communities are gathering in communities of practice and are cultivating all three aspects of our SoL tree.

We aim to invite people to explore the interrelation between the three core competences and how they enhance the deepening of Sustainablity in our work, in society. Thus we can inspire our communities into inquiry and co-action. Our organizational network in Hungary is called SoL Hu, a membership society with two organizational members, Learning Organizations for Sustanability and her SoL Institute and also regular individual members who plan to act and learn together in order to raise their awareness and capacity for individual, social and organizational transformation. Most people attracted to SoL Hu are dedicated to sustainability and its aspects both in education and business…

Thus we create a triangle of

SoL Hu as a membership society, representative Virag Suhajda,

Learning Organisations for Sustainability, an NGO foundation, chair: Dr Tibor Kiss

SoL Institute, a social entrepreneurship based organization of LoS, Director Agota Eva Ruzsa

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