Changemakers Festival

Changemakers Festival 2014
kappcsolat: Jasenka Gjoscic and Bea Kormos

ChangeMakers Festival2013

Jarna, Sweden

June 29 to July 5, 2013


Two reflections as a sample on their experiences:


Melinda Varfi <>

Dear All,


Changemaker Festival was a truly amazing and outstanding experience.

70 people from 14 different countries all united under the belief that education needs to be transformative.

Different initiatives, different teams both in age, experience and in personalities and I felt really like am in a fair, looking around the most amazing and colorful stalls I can ever imagine. It was so inspirational and energizing to see that some organizations go back to the basics, offering basic hands-on experience for participants while some others are working on a higher, theoretical and sophisticated level.

Duna Kollegium can be supported and backed up by all these organizations and I see its place as an in-between in the types I described just now.

Our aim should be to offer both knowledge and experience as experimental learning is the best way to really understand some of the concepts.

I see that the partnership organizations will be important pillars in this vision, whom DK can always rely on if in need.

My feeling at the end was that there is a hope for this kind of work to be continued and the connections among different organizations, people, communities is key for this.

Thank you for the possibility to experience this and grow with the others.


Jasenka’s report



Partnership for Transformational Learning, transforming partnership per se, finished as a transformational Change Makers Festival. I was fortuned to be invited to the Festival as a guest-partner of SoL Hungary, being actively interested in SoL Danube initiative.

The structure of the Festival was carefully created as a “melting pot”, in which all differences and obstacles instantly evaporated, and only gold in each and every of us left, being exposed and ready to glue with similar qualities in others. The space was provided for all participants in the Festival to lead a session, to invite others into conversation, to celebrate life together.

The core competences of all project partners were demonstrated: to inspire, hold and enhance immediate and long-lasting transformations in individuals, groups and the whole system. Co-creation of the Festival brought the fresh energy each day manifesting the proven methods and the best skills of all participants.

70 new people, at the beginning all strangers, become my peers for self-discovery, for mutual reflection, for sharing our life stories, dreams, aspirations, fears, hops… It was incredible fast process of trust building in a quite large group. The results were beyond my most wild hops: deep relationships, strong bonds, strong will to develop further the IPT partnership (and some others) in the future, some very concrete action plans, memories which conserve moving energy and inspiration for a life.

The most precious, for me, was meeting and sharing this experience with people from Danube region. The team created by SoL Hungary for SoL Danube could not have better opportunity for initiation and trust building.

Thank you, Agota, for intrusting me with the apple tree, thanks Bea for your open, warm heart and laugh sessions, Daniel for manifestation of freedom, Melinda for your trust, Mischa for being my soul twin!

And, all this happened in the week of Croatian accession to EU.
Thanks to IPTL, thanks Europe, for embracing Croatia so warmly!

Jasenka Gojšić

Zagreb, Croatia

July 22, 2013



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