Agenda of the Days

SoL Conferencing is traditionally based on dialogic processes, high personal engagement and participants’ co-creating.

This time we did a purposeful design so that apart from the evoking and calling question we do not want to predesign content, but – by using our tools and methods and disciplines – we will weave meaning together.

Yet there is a tentative ‘river-bed’ for the 1.5 days which are formed by

World cafe, systemic perception, body work and shared group inquiry as well as Open Space where your presentations rising up from the spur of the moment or preprepared, yet definitely related to the calling question, may be offered.

Thus we will meet people of old time SoL members who have written books on their deepening experiences matured and succintly articulated in their books, but we also will have space for new innovations, bugging questions, current reality issues, etc.

29-30 May Program Design
9 am – 6 pm and 9 am – 1 pm.
VENUE: European Youth Centre Budapest
1024 Budapest,
Zivatar utca 1-3.

Systemic dialogues for societal transformation

this is the draft version

Our purpose

  • To facilitate inclusion through generative dialogue.
  • To run a collaborative process aiming to learn how to transform wicked or complex situations requiring multi-stakeholder contribution.
  • To allow participants to test this learning experience to work with wicked or complex situations (education, business, environment, democracy, etc.).
  • To enjoy co-creation, meaning that not only individual experience and knowledge are valid, but also the capability to collaborate together for a deeper transformation.

Elements of SoL framework & guiding principles

  • We are here to self creating and co-creating.
  • We work on a learning perspective (no keynote speakers).
  • We care about each other as we would like everyone to feel safe.
  • We respect and value every contribution.
  • We keep parity in our conversations, each individual and each opinion is valuable.
  • We listen.
  • We are not in a problem solving approach but a wicked or complex situation approach.
  • We cannot correct the living system, but only redesign the learning process.
  • We create conditions for self, team and large system opening up, meaning and co-create conditions for learning and transforming.

Our calling question

The calling question we invite you to explore might apply to any wicked situation.

What will it take to work together to serve the unfolding future in whatever place we stand?

Our calling question has three segments:

  • What will it take to work together? About my ego, my personal values, my power, my consciousness and engagement, my experience, my assumptions. About other values, power, experience, knowledge, ambitions, etc.
  • To serve the unfolding future? What is unfolding for me? What’s the future I would like to focus on? (business, education, social) What shall I do in the present to contribute to the unfolding future?
  • In whatever place we stand? From where can I contribute to the unfolding future? Do I have the skills and experience to contribute? What specific behaviours connect me to others while on my place? About system interconnectedness.

Collaborative learning process