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SoL Hungary- to the measures of their members – as a self organizing community is dedicated to support the transformation of organizations and institutions so that they may serve their stakeholders in societal and planetary transformation by capacity building in systemic large scale learning process towards an eco-social shift leading to sustainability and a compassionate social-economical transformation.

Our aim is to facilitate the conscious transformation of organizational cultures so that they see and organize themselves according to values that drive actions rooted in our humane ecological mind to enhance systemic understanding and cooperation for a sustainable and compassionate society of our future.

Global SoL Invitation

“As we enter a new era, industrial age institutions face unprecedented changes. While no one could possibly say what all these changes will be, there is a growing consensus that continual learning and knowledge creation are becoming the keys for competitive advantage, and only through building learning-oriented cultures, will organizations become worthy of people’s fullest commitment. “ ( from the original Global SoL invitation credo )

As a response to this call by people like, Göran Carstedt, IKEA,Volvo ex-CEO, Iva Wilson, ex-Philips CEO, Peter Senge, MIT managemet guru, etc. the Hungarian SoL fractal, active since 1997 established a membership based NGO called Learning Organisations for Sustainability, SoL Hungary and feel committed to transformation in the organizational, educational and business culture of our region so that we may become conscious creators of the years to come in close cooperation withour members.

Agota Ruzsa, SoL Global trustee and Géza Bányai, creative member of the Club of Budapest, founders of the Hungarian Fractal organisation, wanted SoL Hu to enable the process of transformative learning for innovation and change in education, business and society by

  1. Establishing a community of practice of SoL Hu members-SoL Hu Civic Society

  2. Offering leading edge tools and processes for innovative knowledge creation and OD coaching and facilitation, SoL Institute services

  3. NGO projects of a regional scale. TSzF, Learning Organizations for Sustainability, LoS

We invite organisational, consultant and resercher members to bridge gap that is widely experienced as the global shift is gaining momentum so that as a cohesive learning community of practice we may build new strategies based on clear and systemic awareness. innovative processes to realize them and aware and comitted people of great competence. It also aims at inspiring other Central-European organizations whose aims are in accordance with the Purposes and Guiding Principles of SoL.

Learning for Change

  • SoL Core – a reading learning group
  • Systems Thinker’s Club
  • SoL Innovation Café
  • Danube Dialogue
  • Regional SoL Sympozium


Its administrative, coordination office is supported by LoS Foundation, though as a network organization most of its work is being coordinated together with our partners, thus member organisations may at times offer their facilities when needed.

For SoL tagság2013SoL tagság2013 and/or for cooperation in partnership, please get in touch with Agota Ruzsa, Global SoL Board member,



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