The Danube Spirit- Partnership Spirit

Our core focus with SoL and an extanded network in the region is to expand the capacity and awareness of interconnectedness in support of the revival of the region. We do beleive that some of the core competencies we can offer in joint intention and diverse capacities in our Duna network makes life more successful, wonderous and inspiring as well as resilient and innovative for the times of Transformation that we are living in.
Thus we hold partnerships with powerful initiatives in this respect.

We are all DunaPeregrines, moving around, weaving the net of interconnectedness while having a primary focus on our local development. This is the true spirit of the Old Europe, which has been so inspiring for Marija Gimbutas in her work, uncovering the sacredness and partnership in economy, culture and social webs of the region in the old old times. Why not reawaken the spirit and apply the new knowledge in deep understanding of the past as well.

If you want the benefits to belong to the Global SoL network, you can do so by joining our SoL Danube partnership via SoL Hungary. See more details here.


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