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Mindfulness and Leadership

Cultivating authentic leadership in times of complexity and ambiguity

large_imageLeadership can be a genuine expression of who we are, and our desire to make a positive impact in the world. It can be expressed through our actions, words, thoughts and feelings – a true manifestation of our being.

Through cultivating openness, awareness and courage, we can face the challenges of uncertainty and change, with both vision and practicality. By consciously embodying this authenticity, we can create a powerful and enriching space for real communication and collaborative action to take place.

When we take full responsibility for our own state of mind, heart and body, we face our fears and limitations. We can acknowledge that we are just human beings – full of potential, creativity, sanity and, sometimes, confusion. This gentle bravery can become the ground for moving forward as authentic leaders, for understanding and motivating the people we work with, and accomplishing our shared goals.

You are warmly invited to join us for this two-day journey of mindfulness, reflection, communication and humor. Our goal is to strengthen our capacity for knowing when and how to act, fully appreciating the opportunities and challenges that life presents to us. We will explore three key areas of authentic leadership: 1) cultivating personal sanity; 2) developing a heartfelt connection to family, friends and community; and 3) promoting authenticity and leadership in the workplace.

The workshop will especially focus on:

  • Working with uncertainty, complexity and negativity
  • Balancing fearlessness and confidence with vulnerability and openness
  • Working with inner and outer conflicts
  • Cultivating a genuine sense of humor – going beyond cynicism and defensiveness
  • The art of listening, reflection and decision-making Integrating mindfulness into the change management process

We recommend this program for those leaders who are ready to go beyond the comfortable limits of a ‘ready made’ leadership training, who are willing to immerse themselves in an exploration of their own humanity, capacity and power to fulfill their potential as leaders.

Alan Sloan is a founding member of the ALIA community teaching mindfulness at the Institute’s summer programs, and co-facilitating the Master Class course. Alan has been an authorized mindfulness instructor within the Shambhala tradition since 1975, and has taught in Canada, the United States, England, France and New Zealand. He has an extensive experience in providing leadership coaching, organizational consultancy and facilitation services to organizations representing various sectors (governments, corporations and non-profits). In 2011, ALIA Institute released the DVD: Mindfulness and Authenticity – Foundations for Leadership with Alan Sloan. For more about Alan, see his website at www.alansloanconsulting.ca

The workshop will be hosted and supported by: Gabriella Galambvári and Ágnes Jagicza of Jagall (www.jagall.com) and Ágota Ruzsa of SoL Insitute, associates at SoL Hungary (www.solhungary.hu).

Fees and schedules

For more detailed agenda of the two days, please click here: www.jagall.com


Workshop schedule: 9.30 -17:00 Friday 21th February 20149:30 – 17:00 Saturday 22nd February 2014
Location: Hotels address, link to map
Language of the program:English
Fees and benefits:

  • 140,000 HUF + VAT – corporate rate
  • 75,000 HUF + VAT – individual rate
  • 20,000 HUF + VAT – limited places available for young leaders, academic, educational & non-profit through scholarship upon request

15% early bird discount from corporate and individual rate if you register by 13th January, 2014!

Further benefits with the Society of Organizational Learning (SoL) Hungary community:

– 30% discount for SoL members in 2014!
– Participants paying full price for the course can apply for automatic SoL Hungary membership for 2014, which also offers them a major benefits at Global SoL Forum,2014 in Paris!

Further benefits with ALIA community:

– ALIA kindly offers all participants on the tuition fee of the Courageous Leadership: Transforming Self, Systems & Society, 5-day Leadership Intensive in the Netherlands, March 2014, in the amount of your fee in this current workshop a discount.

For accommodation cost at the venue at a corporate rate please contact the booking person below.

Bookings: Please register your interest with Gabriella Galambvári at galambvari@jagall.com or +36 20 6690 499 by 31st January.

Systems and Awareness in Coaching


A Learning Conference

10th June, 2011

Purpose is:

  • to generate interest and develop an active learning community
  • to share our knowledge and skills related to
    • Systemic understanding and
    • Aware and Mindful Presence
  • to engage in deep inquiry into our potentials as coaches in the field
  • to experiment in a safe and trusting environment with new and unexperienced ways, methods
  • to see the growing diversity in systemic approaches
  • to experience the potential power of mindful presence both as coach and coachee

Proposals for sharing need to be sent to Agota Ruzsa.

Our invited guests for the day conference are our partners and facilitators at the programs we run in the field, such as

Christoph Mandl, SOL Au,

Heidi Sp.Gubar, Richard Karash, Steve P Ober, SOL-USA

Magda Rohanszky, psycho-oncologist and mindfulness trainer

Tivadar Kórodi, psychologist and buddhist monk

Katalin Orosz, transpersonal psychologist

the power of the now – presence and awareness

shifting and changing our mental stance from within

systems and the creative field – akasha field


„Do not follow me, as I do not lead you.
Do not lead me, as I do not follow you.
Just come here, next to me and be my friend„


Information and registration: www.solintezet.hu, email: Agota Ruzsa, info@solintezet.hu