Individual members

Individual members either bring a client of theirs and they do not have to pay any membership fee or they generate projects and active learning groups…

This membership qualifies the individual for decision making both in SoL Hu as welll as via SoL Hu int he Global SoL. It also offers the database of both communities, opportunities for learning groups and if work opportuniy arises in either SoL Hu partnercompanies, like SoL Institute, etc. they are entitled to be chosen at the first place. They have 30% reduction in any SoL related program fees, receive Reflections, can advertise their programs and be invited into major projects, and application.

Membership fee and benefits
Annual membership fee (25.000 Ft – 90 euro for old members) 35.000 ft/pp-120 eur/pp

Link to apply for SoL Hu Network membership.
Link to see the BENEFITS of Membership.

You can find more information on
Global SoL and membership activities and the Duna Partnership you can read
Inquiry about membership: Please send to Agota Ruzsa

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